Cherry Tomato

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Delicious cherry tomatoes. A mix of cherry pear tomatoes and kumato.



It is easy to find a cherry tomato with that typical sweetness of said tomatoes, but it is very difficult to find a Cherry-Pear tomato, with a tomato flavor of a lifetime. In size it is a little larger than a normal cherry, pear-shaped, but without reaching the dimensions of a common pear tomato. We have been surprised by its taste, and we are going to increase the number of plants for the following tomato season and be able to offer it to our customers. So far we have given them away in each order for our customers to try and give them the go-ahead. According to our feedback with our customers, it has far exceeded expectations and we have found a cherry tomato with a traditional tomato flavor.

On the other hand, the black cherry tomato is a variety called morenito. After carrying out several tests, we have decided to market it as it meets all our taste and quality requirements, also adapting perfectly to our land.

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