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The lychee or lychee fruit of the Huerta de Pancha is a little-known delicacy. A small fruit protected with a thick, rough, red or orange skin and a very juicy grape-like interior. A very peculiar flavor that leaves no one indifferent.

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Plants and fruits little known in the world there are many. However, lychee seems to have a charm that others might aspire to have. It is not free from bad opinions, but it remains a quality option among all exotic fruits.

Lychees in some parts and Litchi in some others. A plant of Asian origin like many others that when tested is never forgotten. However, in many parts of the West the properties of lychees fruit are not properly valued. It is worth giving it a try.

The fruit looks very strange. There have been cases in which young people have mistaken it for a rubber ball. On the other hand, the plant is considered one of the most beautiful fruit trees on the planet. Both fruits and plants can be useful to you.

The truth is that there is a great possibility that you have never heard of lychees in your life. For this reason, below, we will present a series of facts that you have to know about such a special fruit. Go ahead, wait and enjoy everything we have for you and give lychees a chance.


The Lychee, Litchi or lychees is a fruit native to China, but it is cultivated in many areas of the world, having a perfect adaptation in the subtropical climate of the Axarquia. It has a collection period from August to the end of September. Small fruits collected already ready for consumption that lose their freshness quickly. After harvesting, their skin turns brown, but they last 9 or 10 days with a good flavor inside.

One of the most exotic flavors of nature. If there is something new you have to try this is lychees. The combination of its components has produced a mixture of flavors and smells that have made it become an aphrodisiac product by nature. This is certified by many couples.

The preeminence of strong flavors and marked contrasts promote and favor the opinion of first-time users of lychees. You will get some acid nuances that will be mixed with an avant-garde sweetness. It is difficult to fully explain the feeling of eating lychees, you have to do it on your own.

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