Muscat Grape

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Authentic Moscatel table grape. Malaga’s most renowned grape grown on the terraces of La Huerta de Pancha.

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The authentic Malaga Muscat table grape is harvested from the end of August to mid-October. Because it is grown in a low-watering soil, it has an unmistakable sweetness with a juicy interior full of flavour. Ideal to eat with cheese or in a traditional Ajoblanco from Doña Pancha’s recipes.

The Muscat grape, a grape of incomparable sweetness.

La Huerta de Pancha grapes, like all our products, grow on our own estate, so you can enjoy the authentic Malaga muscatel grape, always freshly harvested at the optimum moment of ripeness. Buying muscatel grapes online from La Huerta de Pancha is an optimal and safe option.

We select the bunches of grapes by hand, choosing those that are ripe and setting aside any grapes that may be in poor condition.

The Muscatel grape variety stands out for its small size, almost seedless inside and above all for its intense but very sweet flavour.

All these characteristics make it a very appetising grape that is loved by young and old alike.

It is well known for its value in the production of Vino dulce de Málaga. From La Huerta de Pancha we send it perfect to eat, either as a dessert or as an accompaniment to ajoblanco in the purest Doña Pancha style. Enjoy now our muscatel grapes at home.

The Muscat grape is a grape that is well known all over the world for its versatility. In reality, it is a family of grapes, which has around two hundred different subtypes.

Among all these grapes that can be considered Moscatel, the most famous are the Moscatel de grano gordo, Moscatel de Málaga or Moscatel de Alejandría. Any type of grape belonging to the Muscatel family has the ideal characteristics for winemaking, pacification or consumption as table fruit.

These delicious fruits are native to the African continent, but can be grown anywhere on five continents. Being a large family, there are species adapted to the conditions of each specific terrain.

Grapes have been consumed by ancient civilisations since time immemorial. Great monarchs of all times considered them to be divine fruits, which only the gods could consume.

And the human appetite for grapes has not diminished over time. Nearly 23 million tonnes of grapes are consumed annually around the globe, with the Asian continent producing most of the supply and also accounting for a large percentage of the demand.


The grape fruit comes from the vine plant. This is a species of the genus Vitis and belongs to the family Vitaceae. The difference between the different types of grapes does not significantly affect their cultivation. The process is almost identical.

Grape silver can adapt to a wide variety of climates, although it is naturally temperate. The fruit is very sensitive to sunlight and also to artificial light. Direct incidence during the day can improve production and during the night can spoil it.

The ideal soil for growing grapes is sandy loam. It should have a slightly acid pH and slopes that are not too steep. In general, it has to be light in weight, with excellent drainage measures and wind protection.

One of the great advantages of the grapevine plant is that it requires very little care compared to other plants. It only remains to wait at least two years before the plant begins to bear its first fruits after planting.

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