Hass Avocados

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At Huerta de Pancha we offer the best Hass avocados from Malaga, grown organically from January to April. This variety is known by the name of heart fruit as it resembles the vital organ. It is one of the best known avocado varieties and is marketed all over the world. This variety originates from California.

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Hass avocado’s characteristics

The Hass is pear-shaped, rough in texture, dark green in the stage prior to maturity, and then turning black or purple when it reaches its optimum state. The flesh is greenish-yellow in colour and has a taste reminiscent of dried fruit. The wonderful thing about this variety is that it can remain on the tree even when it is ripe, which makes it easier to harvest progressively. Our Hass avocado boxes are characterised by their optimal harvesting point and their natural flavour.

How we grow Hass avocado

The season of our Hass avocado extends from January to April,although this depends ver much on the warm temperatures, which can bring the harvest forward to December. This variety of avocado tree takes approximately three years to bear fruit, if all necessary conditions are maintained.

We always pollinate our avocados with other varieties of the same fruit.

The Hass avocados are harvested by hand, in the traditional way, so that the result is the best and most natural for consumption.

Hass avocado’s properties

Our Hass avocado has a low water content, 60 to 70%, and has an oil content of between 8 and 12%. It is also rich in mineral salts, vitamin B, vitamin E and low in carbohydrates. As its name suggests (heart fruit), its oils are beneficial for lowering cholesterol and protecting the cardio-circulatory system.

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