Irwin Mangoes

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Buy the best Irwin mangoes from Huerta de Pancha Top quality mangoes. You can enjoy these delicious mangos from August to October. We take care of our mango crops so that you can enjoy the best fruit in your home.

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Irwin Mango’s characteristics

Our Irwin mango is soft, sweet and virtually fibre- and strand-free. The skin is smooth and silky, and when harvested, its colour ranges from pink to bright orange to a vibrant red that is mesmerising when it reaches optimum ripeness, at which point it becomes a super aromatic and juicy pump that melts when opened. It is known for its high quality and the excellent sensory experience it provides, thanks in part to its characteristic malic acidity notes.

How we grow Irwin mangoes

Our Irwin mango crop is harvested between August and October. It has a very early flowering. It can produce, if left to do so, from the first year of planting, but it is advisable to eliminate flowering for the first three years and leave its entry into production for the fourth year. We carry out daily manual work to check that the humidity levels are perfect for the plants to grow in the best conditions. This is how we ensure the quality of our Irwin mango production. Our mangoes are cultivated with care, hand-picking techniques and are free from artificial additives, chemicals and temperature modifications.

Irwin Mango’s properties

The main nutritional property of the Irwin mango produced in Spain is vitamin A. It is a fruit that has characteristics antioxidant and is a natural source of vitamin A, B6, C and E. In addition, it is also a source of fibre and potassium It is noteworthy that mango, being a sweet fruit, can be a great choice in terms of the recommended daily fruit intake for each person. Being especially rich in vitamin K, mangoes are one of the best foods to prevent the deterioration of bone mass.

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