Keitt Mangoes

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In our orchard you can buy these wonderful Keitt mangoes. You can find it between November and January with an exquisite quality. Keitt mangoes from the Axarquia area. Directly from the field to your table

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Keitt Mango’s characteristics

Our Keitt mango is characterised by a sweet taste, without excesses, with citric nuances and a slight acid touch. Firm flesh, completely free of fibres and slightly lower sugar content than other mangoes. Its skin is pinkish in colour and is perfect for desserts.

How we grow Keitt mangoes

This mango variety has a very late flowering. We always look for the perfect soil and weather conditions so that the quality of our mangoes is unequalled. Our Keitt mangoes are harvested when they are at their optimum point and are received at home in the best conditions for consumption. On the farm, we check the humidity levels on a daily basis so that the mangoes grow in the best conditions. Our mangoes are cultivated with care, hand-picking techniques and are free from artificial additives, chemicals and temperature modifications.

Keitt mango’s properties

Our Keitt mango, like our other varieties, has enormous nutritional value and incredible vital benefits. It doesn’t matter whether you eat it fresh or prefer it dried, because it can be an excellent aid in the prevention of various diseases. A fruit that helps to improve metabolism by aiding digestion. In addition to other exclusive health benefits of the mango fruit. They are considered to be one of the richest fruits in beta-carotene and vitamin A. In this way, eating mangoes helps to strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of heart disease.

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