Lamb Hass Avocados

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Our orchard offers incredible Lamb Hass avocados at very good prices. This variety of avocado has a black, rough skin and its shape resembles that of a pear, but is not as pronounced. Its taste and flesh are similar to those of the Hass avocado. Due to its creaminess, it is a very popular variety for guacamole, sandwiches and salads.

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Lamb Hass Avocado’s characteristics

Our Hass avocados are characterised by their flavour reminiscent of nuts such as hazelnut and walnut and by their tender and creamy texture. The skin is easy to separate from the flesh and takes longer to ripen than the other variety of avocado, the Hass. It is important to highlight the resistance to cold and impacts that may occur during harvesting, handling and transport.

Our Lamb Hass crops

It is harvested between April and June, making it one of the later varieties, being harvested shortly before the Reed avocado. We pollinate our Lamb Hass avocado plants with other varieties of the same fruit. The flowering type of this type of avocado is A and its flowering period is in spring.

The fruit from our Lamb Hass plantations is harvested by hand, in the traditional way, so that the result is the best and most natural for consumption.

Lamb Hass avocado’s properties

Avocados are rich in nutrients such as calcium, iron and vitamins A, C, E, K and B3. One serving contains high levels of monounsaturated fats and moderate amounts of saturated and polyunsaturated fats. On the other hand, it has protein, potassium and a high amount of fibre. It is also high in energy, offering 322 kcal and 17.2 g per serving. Its water content is around 70%. Among the most recognised benefits of its consumption are the regulation of cholesterol, the maintenance of good cardiovascular health, the relaxation of the nervous system and eye care.

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