Mini Mangoes

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If you want to try the sweetest mangoes on the marketwith the most natural flavours and unadulterated by chemical compounds, choose the mini mangoes from La Huerta de Pancha. Small, sweet mangoes, grown in the Axarquía area.

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Mini mango’s characteristics

The skin of mini mangoes is brightly coloured, smooth and very firm . They are fruits that peel very well, to reveal a tender, fibre-free flesh. When we put the mini mango in our mouth, we discover a very sweet taste and a soft texture .

You can find these seasonal mangoes in La Huerta de Pancha in August and September .

How mini mangoes are grown

Mini mangoes do not have their own cultivation, but are produced when the tree, by natural selection, causes the fruit not to reach its normal size. Its variety is the Irwin mango, so the cultivation method is the same as that of this mango.

The mangoes must be harvested early, when they fall from the tree, so that they are not attacked by animals and do not rot on the ground.

We do all this with the utmost care, as our maxim is the quality of our products.

Nutritional properties of mini mangoes

The mini mango is the sweetest variety of this fruit.. This is because, in its small size, it has the same amount of sugar as a normal Irwin mango. Therefore, the mini mango has a higher proportion of sugar than a normal mango.

By eating them, you also get vitamins A, K, B9, E and C and a lot of minerals.. And, of course, a large amount of fibre, which makes the mango a great digestif.

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