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Buy oranges from the Huerta de Pancha. They are the best oranges that we grow with care to preserve their flavour and all their qualities. Oranges for juice or table with an exquisite flavour, without chemicals or additives.

If you are looking for natural oranges, easy to peel and with an excellent quality, you have come to the right place! We do not use chemicals to grow them, because we always put quality before quantity.

From the tree to your table, preserving the pure flavour of the good orange.

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Characteristics of oranges from La Huerta

Oranges from Huerta de Pancha have a gourmet juice. We grow them in the Axarquia region (Malaga), and these oranges stand out for not having stones, being easy to peel even by hand.

Our oranges have a medium size, between 150 and 200 grams, and are perfect for eating as well as for squeezing and consuming in orange juice.

We grow Huerta de Pancha oranges without additives or chemicals to fatten them up, as we always give priority to flavour.

Difference between juice oranges and table oranges

There are two main differences between juice oranges and table oranges. The first one is in terms of size: juice oranges are usually larger and have a thicker skin than table oranges.

The second important difference is in taste. Table oranges are usually sweeter, although they keep a touch of acid; therefore, juice oranges are more acid oranges in general, and have less sweetness.

Huerta de Pancha’s orange trees

In the Axarquia area, in Malaga, we find the perfect climatic conditions for the orange trees of La Huerta de Pancha to produce flowers and fruit. Orange trees are trees that do not tolerate the cold, so it is important to plant them in areas that do not drop below 0º.

The watering needs of this tree are once a week in spring-summer, as long as the rain does not cover this need. When temperatures are lower, watering frequency decreases.

Light is another key aspect that orange trees need to flourish. That is why it is essential to prune the orange trees, so that the sun’s rays also reach the flowers on the inner branches.

At La Huerta, we harvest the oranges using the tiling technique, which consists of cutting the oranges by the branches instead of stretching the fruit until it detaches from the branch.

After harvesting the oranges from the tree, they go directly to market, without a refrigeration process that would alter the natural flavour of the fruit.

How you will receive Huerta de Pancha’s oranges

Our oranges are harvested at their optimum point. The optimum point, in the case of oranges, coincides with the point of ripeness. In other words, they are ready to eat once they arrive at your home (ready to eat). Not all oranges are equally ripe or ripen in the same way, as each orange on the tree is different. What all our oranges do have in common is their spectacular flavour and freshness. For packaging, we use 100% recyclable cardboard boxes and we try to ensure that the fruit is as well protected as possible in order to avoid, as far as possible, any damage during transport.

How to preserves orange

Once our oranges arrive home, it is advisable to place them in a cool place, away from humidity and direct heat. Moreover, it must be a dry and aerated place, which allows the oranges to keep in good condition. The orange peel should not be washed with water if it is not going to be consumed immediately, because if it is not well dried, the piece may start to spoil. They should be kept at room temperature if you plan to consume them during the same week. It is essential not to mix oranges with other fruits, as this will cause them to spoil sooner.

Orange’s properties

The natural oranges from the Huerta de Pancha are low in calories and fat but, on the other hand, they are rich in vitamins; although those of the C group stand out, they also have a large amount of vitamins A and B, fibre and potassium.

They provide the diet with an interesting amount of soluble fibre (pectins), whose main properties are related to the reduction of cholesterol and glucose in the blood, as well as to the development of the intestinal flora.

As for orange juice, it is an antioxidant food, which also fights cholesterol, cares for the skin and is an excellent diuretic. However, orange juice causes the consumption of this fruit to lose the fibre (as it is found in the albedo) and thus increases the proportion of fructose ingested.


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