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Buy persimmons from the Huerta de Pancha. This tasty fruit is very juicy, and its orange colour makes it very attractive. The persimmons from our orchard have all the characteristics to make you want to include them in your diet.

Include persimmons in your diet and enjoy the incredible taste of this delicious fruit.

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Characteristics of persimmons

Persimmons are a tropical fruit, characterised by a sweet but slightly sour taste. Its skin is slightly rough, although its appearance and texture are silky; most of the nutritional properties of the persimmon are concentrated in the skin, so it is highly recommended to eat the persimmon with the skin on.

In contrast to the skin, the flesh is juicy and pale yellow in colour.

We harvest persimmons from October onwards, so it is a seasonal fruit from November to January.

How you will receive persimmons from Huerta de Pancha’s Orchard

Our persimmons are harvested at optimum ripeness. In other words, they are harvested when they are still hard but their brix sugar levels indicate that they will finish ripening at home.

For packaging, we use 100% recyclable cardboard boxes and place the persimmons in such a way that they are not damaged during transport.

Our persimmons keep all their freshness and natural flavour as they do not go through cold storage before they arrive home.

Persimmon cultivation in Malaga

In order to obtain the best results when growing persimmons in the Axarquia, we have an adequate irrigation system, which we constantly check during the summer and the hottest months. This is because excess moisture and extreme drought can damage the trees. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the right balance to ensure healthy harvests.

Good pruning is also crucial to ensure that these trees produce top quality fruit. The ideal time to prune our persimmons is autumn or even early spring. Two types of pruning are carried out: initial pruning, which is done at the beginning of the season, and maintenance pruning, which shapes the tree and allows the individual fruits to receive the necessary light.

Good fertilisation is also a key factor for persimmon crops in the most tropical area of Malaga, and we always use natural fertilisers, so that the production of persimmons is as natural as possible.

Finally, during harvesting, we pick the persimmons very carefully and place them in cardboard boxes to prevent damage. In this way, they reach the buyers’ homes in optimal conditions for consumption.

At La Huerta de Pancha we make sure to select and send only the persimmons at their optimum ripening point; in other words, they are harvested when they are still hard, but their Brix sugar levels indicate that they will finish ripening at home.

How to make persimmons ripen earlier

Persimmons are one of those fruits that should be kept out of the fridge at room temperature to prevent the cold from deteriorating their properties, aroma, texture or flavour.

To ripen persimmons, we recommend that you put them in a bowl or a perforated plastic bag and place them in a place where they do not receive direct light. It is important that the bags are not completely closed, as this will lead to odours and rotting.

A trick to accelerate ripening is to put them in a paper bag with a ripe banana. As with avocados or tomatoes, you can speed up the ripening of persimmons by putting them in a paper bag with a ripe banana or other climacteric (ethylene-producing) fruit. Ideally, this bag should be closed and placed on a table at room temperature. We recommend that you check the persimmon daily so that you can eat it at optimum ripeness.

How persimmon is eaten

The persimmon is generally consumed as fresh fruit, although the piece looks ripe and firm-looking, you should wait until it becomes soft and pulpy, with transparent skin, however, its optimal time to eat it is reached when it looks like it is rotting. The pulp is usually eaten with the help of a spoon.

Persimmons can also be eaten dried, they can be used in various cakes and puddings, and you can even prepare yoghurt or salads.

Properties of persimmon

The persimmon is an exotic fruit with many nutritional properties. For starters, they are an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. In addition, persimmons contain some antioxidants and are rich in fibre. They also contain small amounts of other important nutrients.

Persimmons offer numerous health benefits. He stresses that this fruit helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, improve digestion, reduce cholesterol, improve skin health, strengthen the immune system and control weight.

In addition, consumption of persimmons can help prevent diseases such as cancer, respiratory disorders, neurological diseases and diabetes.

Persimmons are also an important source of antioxidants, which protect the body against oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

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