White Aubergine

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Buy the delicious white aubergines from Huerta de Pancha We harvest our aubergines at their optimum point so that you can eat them at the ideal moment.

We adapt our garden to be able to grow the best vegetables every summer,. you can’t miss it!

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White aubergine’s characteristics

The white aubergine is a vegetable less known than the common or purple aubergine.

At first sight the difference is clear, since it is a vegetable characterised by its white or cream-coloured skin, which is also shiny and firm.. The flesh of the white aubergine is also of the same colour;at this point it is more similar to the flesh of the purple aubergine. Its shape is also similar to the common aubergine, as both vegetables are distinguished by their oblong shape.

The disposition of the seeds also varies when cut, since in the white aubergine they have a triangular disposition, whereas in the purple aubergine they are more dispersed.

As for the texture of the flesh, it is softer; moreover, the white aubergine has a sweeter taste than the purple one, leaving aside the slightly bitter touch of the common aubergine.

Aubergine crops in Malaga

In our orchard, in the Axarquia area, we grow the best white aubergines in the province of Malaga.. The first part of the cultivation process of the white aubergines in our orchard is to find a good soil in which to grow them. We carry out the cultivation at the optimum time, during the spring, when the temperatures stabilise at around 20ºC.

The fertiliser we use in the white aubergine plantations is completely natural, so we ensure that our aubergines are completely organic fruits.

Watering needs are higher during the days after planting, but always without waterlogging the soil.. After the first few days, the irrigation technique that we apply to the white aubergine plantation is drip irrigation, ensuring that the soil is moist but never waterlogged.

Finally, harvesting takes place from July onwards.. The fruits are harvested when, after cutting a test fruit, the seeds have an ivory colour. Another of our techniques to know if the white aubergines are ripe is to press lightly on the skin.. If it leaves a dent, we know that it is time to start harvesting.

In order for the white aubergines to reach the consumers in the best possible way, we harvest them with great care.. In order to avoid damaging the vegetables, we separate them from the branches by cutting the stem directly with pruning shears, always holding the aubergine with the other hand and without bending the stem.

You will receive your white aubergines with a few centimetres of stem still attached to the vegetable, as we avoid leaving them in the air so that the skin does not turn brown.

How you will receive the Huerta de Pancha’s white aubergines

Our natural white aubergines are harvested at their optimum point. This point, in the case of white aubergines, coincides with the point of ripeness. In other words, they are ready to eat once the order arrives at your home (ready to eat). These white aubergines keep all their natural flavour as they do not go through cold storage. For packaging, we use 100% recyclable cardboard boxes and we always try to ensure that they are as well protected as possible to prevent them from being damaged during transport. We seek quality for the consumer.

How to preserves white aubergines

White aubergines must be kept in a cool place without direct sunlight. The best place to keep them is the fridge.

Another way of storing them is to avoid putting them together with other vegetables. Many vegetables give off ethylene gas when they ripen and this causes the other vegetables around them to spoil earlier.

To increase the days of conservation, we can also wrap them in a paper bag so that they are well covered. The bag will absorb the humidity and this delays the decomposition of the fruit.

Instead of the paper bag, we can use cling film. With this we can extend the shelf life by up to 15 days.

Freezing is another great trick, easy, simple and very convenient. You can freeze them cut and cooked. This is a way of ensuring that they do not spoil and that you can use them at any time. The properties of frozen aubergines will remain intact for a long time, as well as their texture, flavour and natural colour.

Can the skin of the aubergine be eaten?

The skin can be consumed, but it is advisable to eat it when the aubergine is young. The skin of older aubergines is more bitter. It is true that the skin of the white aubergine is harder, but it can still be eaten.

In the skin of the aubergine we find a great amount of fibre. More than in its interior. This fibre is also found in the inner seeds.

In addition, bioactive compounds called anthocyanins, from the flavonoid family, have been detected in the skin, which have a powerful antioxidant effect that helps, among other things, to strengthen our cardiovascular system.

Aubergine’s properties form Huerta de Pancha

The main characteristic that makes white aubergines a very beneficial food for the organism is that it is a vegetable with a high amount of fibre and very few calories. This has two main benefits: it favours digestion and helps to control blood sugar levels.

Another of its important components is the amount of antioxidants it contains, as it helps to prevent certain pathologies, such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease.

In addition, it also contains a large quantity of minerals that are beneficial for the body, such as magnesium, vitamin C and K, potassium and folate.

All this makes white aubergines a vegetable with many properties that, with continued consumption, can help the body to maintain these nutrients at healthy standards.

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